Traditional Estate Planning

Fulkerson Elder Law LLC's Estate Planning practice is not limited to seniors and veterans.  In what we call Traditional Estate Planning, we work with individuals and couples of all ages to protect themselves and their families through the use of well-designed and effective estate plans.  If you or a family member has long-term care considerations on the horizon, then please also review the description of our Estate Planning for Seniors practice area.

In our Traditional Estate Planning practice, we work with parents of young children concerned about naming a guardian for their kids if something happened to both parents; we work with parents of adult children wanting to update existing estate plans (or create them for the first time) now that their children are grown and out of the house; we work with couples looking to provide asset protection to the surviving spouse; we work with parents wanting to protect their children's inheritances in the event their child gets divorced; we work with couples in a second or later marriage who want to make sure the surviving spouse is properly taken care of along with the children of each spouse; and we work with individuals, couples and families in a variety of other family and financial circumstances.

Estate planning is much more than the preparation of legal documents.  Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney are some of the more common tools used in a comprehensive estate plan, but the real benefit and service is our counsel and experience in knowing which tools to use for your particular situation and how best to design them.  Just like the speed and durability of an automobile depends largely on the design, engineering and components used to build the automobile and the skill and knowledge of the automaker, the effectiveness of an estate plan (i.e., working the way you need it to when it really counts) depends on the design choices and provisions used to construct the plan and the skill and expertise of the estate plan designer.  If Fulkerson Elder Law designs and constructs your estate plan, you can feel confidant that it is customized for your family and financial situation and that it is built to deal with a broad range of possibilities, even those that may seem unlikely to you today. 

In choosing Fulkerson Elder Law, you are creating a relationship that we hope lasts for life.  You are choosing a counselor who will design and build a plan that your family can rely on after you are gone.  You are also choosing an advisor on whom your loved ones will depend during their most difficult times.  Having a well-designed and comprehensive estate plan is not really for you.  It is something you do for the family and loved ones you will leave behind.

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