Special Needs Planning, Kansas City, MO
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Special Needs Planning

We offer a range of special needs planning services.

Special Needs

We work with parents and families to make sure their special loved one is protected.  Their are a number of different tools in our legal toolbox including various types of Special Needs Trusts and ongoing Trust Administration Counseling.   

Special Needs Counseling

Obtaining and maintaining public benefits for special needs individuals can sometimes feel like crossing a minefield.  A wrong step and it seems like our loved one could lose access to necessary public benefits.  We are here to counsel families through issues relating to public benefits for individuals with special needs.

Special Needs Trust Administration

Special Needs Trusts are critical tools for many special needs individuals. But no matter how well the Special Needs Trust is drafted, the Trustee must administer the trust properly to maintain the special need beneficiary’s access to certain public benefit programs.  We counsel Trustees to do just that.

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